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Color: Tranparent

Size: 12pcs/24pcs

Bullet Points:

1. High viscosity colloid

Special double-sided adhesive for nail patch, using good material pure adhesive double-sided adhesive, strong adhesion and waterproof function.

2. Natural raw materials

It is made of natural resin materials, which is gentle, does not hurt hands, and without irritation.

3. Easy to remove

Compared with ordinary glue, in addition to its strong adhesion durability, it has no damage to the nail surface. It can be easily and quickly removed anytime, anywhere, and there will be no traces of ordinary glue that are difficult to remove

How to Use

1. Fix the shape of nails, polish and remove dust.
2. Clean the dust on the nail surface.
3. Choose the right jelly gel.
4. Stick it on the nail surface, press to flat, and tear off the sticker on the other side.
5. Paste Weatuuy nails/fake nails.
6. Done.


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Hard Jelly Gel for Nails

Hard Jelly Gel for Nails

12 PCS
24 PCS

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