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Size: 17.8cm×1.9cm×0.8cm


Green Side:

File the vertical texture of the nail in the same direction and smooth the surface of the nail.

White Side:

used to rub the surface of the nail to make it shiny. (Wipe in the same direction, the effect will be brighter~~)


It has obvious treatment effect on the uneven nail surface, and can treat the nail surface smooth and meticulous. The magical polishing effect can be manifested in a short time. First toss several times with the green surface to remove the nail surface lines, then Rub it in white until it is extremely shiny, so that the nails can look bright and clean and healthy. It can also be used for polishing of crystal nails.

Bullet Points:

1. Rounded end, the pedicure files are safe to the skin.

2. Double-sided, ideal for toenail & finger nail care.

3. File your nails with a lighter touch, in any direction, without damaging the nail.

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Polishing Double Sided Nail Files

Polishing Double Sided Nail Files

Green & White

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