Our Story


 How it all began:

Love and profound passion for nail art design and creation brought two co-workers, Sue and Doris, together and gave birth to a popular online custom nail brand called WEATUUY. 

 WEATUUY has evolved from a two-person online start-up to a team of professional nail artists and nail technicians who have developed a novel nail art technology for customizing unique, spectacular and eye-pleasing press-on nails at a reasonable price.

Our Passion:

WEATUUY is passionately obsessed with getting you ready-made custom press on nails with the most creative nail art design and embellishment you won't find elsewhere.

Our Belief:

WEATUUY believes every woman should feel beautiful, toenails and fingernails, with her own quick-to-change personalized custom nails without her having to visit the nail salon, waste time, suffer chemical damage, and pay expensive nail fees while still worrying about the maintenance of the nails.  

Browse our shop and check out our collection and you are sure to find custom nails with spectacular nail art to up your fun and creativity. Doesn't matter if you are a professional manicurist or a do-it-yourselfer. 

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