How to Care Nails

How to Care Nails

Actually, the damage for our own nails is like this:

Jelly Glue of Weatuuy Nails/Instant Acrylics < Nail Polish (no need of UV lamp irradiation) < Adhesive Glue of Weatuuy Nails/Instant Acrylics < Nail Gel/Polish (need of UV lamp irradiation)

The Jelly Glue is almost no harm to nails and repeatly using, but it couldn't stay for long time. If you want to keep your natural nails perfectly, we suggest you choose this one firstly.

How to take care nails

  1. Do not do your own nails so frequently, and do not apply too much nail polish when making your own nails to avoid damage to the nails.
  2. Reduce contact with nails, do not use nails to pull things, otherwise it is easy to cause nails to break.
  3. Keep good habits, do not bite your nails and trim your nails so frequently. Don't cut your nails too short. Trim them once a week to keep the length flush with your fingertips.
  4. Avoid contact with irritating chemicals, dishwashing liquid, bleach, etc. If you must use it, it is best to wear gloves to protect your fingernails.
  5. Apply nourishing cream or nutrient oil to care for nails and the skin around the nails. Especially after applying a nails salon.
  6. Apply a remover base gel to protect nails before making nails.
  7. Keep the healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Nails can reflect the health of the body, so a healthy body can also grow beautiful and shiny nails. Keep regular exercises, vitamin supplements, and more food containing iodine as well, they can also make your nails well.

Notes: Weatuuy also has care nails set to protect you after removing nails.


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