Princess Ojeta was turned into a white swan by the devil beside the Swan Lake. Prince Siegfried met Ojetta at Swan Lake and fell in love with her.

On the night when prince chose the bride, the devil made his daughter Black Swan disguise as Ojta to deceive the prince.

The prince was almost deceived, and eventually found out in time, struggling with the demon and fighting it. The white swan restores the princess and together with the prince to bring a happy ending.

Fairy tales are true in belief, love is a fairy tale in belief. 

How to interpret this beauty? I think it's simple, just as pure as love. The black and white swan design cuts in from a simple perspective, making the simple exquisitely.

Wind up, block wind together

Rain falls, shelter from rain together

We got each other

We have each other

Be your swan

 Splendid Reverie






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