The Wheel of Fortune

This night, the tired-looking astrologer welcomed a girl who loved lollipops. The girl came in with some frustration and sat down opposite the astrologer. The astrologer laid out the Tarot cards as skillfully as usual. The girl stared at the beautiful nails of the astrologer. She liked it very much. There was an ancient and mysterious atmosphere that deeply attracted the girl to make her forget what he came here for a moment.

Soon the girl drew the third cards---[change].

The interpretation and description of this fate is a bit scary for the astrologer, so the astrologer did not obey the fate and gave her another chance. The astrologer flicked the back of the girl's hand slightly, gently telling her her fate is about to change. The girl looked at the decoration on her finger and froze.

She seems to prefer the astrologer's decoration.

In the midst of destiny, destiny has long been doomed, even though there will be many episodes on the way, the girl has finally completed this change of destiny, suddenly bright, she finally became her.

The lollipop shot at the end of the film suggests that this is the girl's gorgeous transformation.

This unique mystery

Is the signal I want to convey to you

The opening for the wheel of fortune

Did you receive it?


Only is you!

A design colors full of romance and elegance

Combine with astrological elements

Give more mystery to this nail art




The Wheel of Fortune


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