Stars & Dreams

Stars & Dreams

Looking up the sky, Hum...Tomorrow must be a sunny day. The stars in the sky are so bright, in the city, dazzling of building has swallowed the tears of the stars, few people have looked up and quietly discovered the beauty of starlight, even for 10 minutes...

Although they’re so elegant, not as dazzling as a diamond, nor as precious as gold. The beauty coming from their inside makes people feel at ease.

I know the stars behind the clouds thirst for the beautiful world which is peaceful and gentle. They seemed to be very happy and kept blinking. 

The sky is getting darker, but the stars are getting brighter and brighter, as if I can hear them playing. The darker the sky is getting, the less afraid they are. They enjoy dancing, singing and laughing. Even get on the moon boat and traveled through the silky galaxy.

At this time, I want to use my brush to draw them on the paper, keeping this beautiful and serene scene.

There are pink stars, blue stars, light green stars, and even light green stars in the indigo blue sky at the night. I also discovered that a jade-like moon is more noble and beautiful with the stars.

Unconsciously, it was already late at night, the stars were still brilliant. I lay in bed, looked at the stars, closed my eyes, closed my eyes...

Moon with stars

I still miss you even in my dream

And you?

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Stars & Dreams


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