Simple and Amazing Weatuuy nails adding beauty to your nail style

Most of the nail technicians think like “there is no need adding much to nail terminology as doing manicure is enough for it”. This is correct to some extent as the popularity of manicure has wide influence and people are happy to ask their manicurists to do a simple manicure. But wait! Don’t you want to add diversity to your business? I am sure you want to! Nail ornaments are the new emerging field in nail art one shouldn't miss out on. You can win potential clients and can please them by introducing them to their nail art design.

Here we are going to mention some of the most exciting nail stones/ornaments designs that lend elegance to nails and give them a unique look.

Diamond Jewelry + Solid color

If you don’t want to have too much issues over your nails, just go with a solid dark color. This lends your nails a vibrant look that is sensational. It comprises a sharp color (in most cases dark brown or black colors) and a beautiful ornament is attached over the nail. To be honest, this is the most decent combination.



If you are interested in creating some bold look, you can add a few more drills/ ornaments of different sizes around the single drill and the final look would look so amazing- It will create a feeling of Japanese Nail art.

Diamond Jewelry+ Smile line

Besides attaching a stone to a nail, you can also attach some smile lines or French lines to it. This step is loved by almost everybody as it tends to add variety to Nail Art. This attachment adjusts the shape of the nail.

After the nails are painted, you can attach a large diamond in the middle of the nails to enhance the beauty of the nail style.

weatuuy nails art

Diamond Jewelry+ Coffin Nails

This nail art is most suitable for the middle finger. This is to highlight the charm of the nail and other exciting points.

weatuuy coffin nails


This is the most significant tip that can't go unmentioned. If you want to give a pure look to the nails, then you should make sure that the ornament is fixed in the unified position.  Only this way can the can look nice otherwise it would look messy.

Rhinestone Modeling

The quality and elegant way to bestow grace on Press on Nail is to use diamond ornaments for nail art creation. The stones are of different varieties such as the moon, starry sky, Christmas tree, simple geometry, etc. I recommend this style for astrology lovers because by wearing these nails they can feel the "stars" so close.

weatuuy nails design

Custom Acrylic nails

These are nails made from Acrylic polymers which give a soft yet bold look to your hands. You can get a large number of customers for this nail style and they will love it.

weatuuy chrome nails




Simple and Amazing Weatuuy nails adding beauty to your nail style


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