How to make Acrylic Nails

What is acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are the most popular nails among many different kinds of nail art. Acrylic nails use various nail acrylic powder and nail acrylic liquid to extend and beautify the nail through special operation techniques. It can visually change the length of the finger and let your fingers look much slender, which can make your hands look much perfect.

Prepare Tools

♫ Nail File ♫ Buffing ♫ Liquid Cup ♫ Nail Tray ♫ Acrylic Pen 

♫ Acrylic Powder ♫ Acrylic Liquid ♫ Nutrient Oil ♫ Varnish

Acrylic Nails Steps:

1. Use the manicure tool to shape the nails

2. Roughen the nail surface with the nail file since it is a fake nail. Polish your nails to be shorter in advance for more natural beauty.

3. Attach the nail holder to the interface at the edge of the nail for an exact match.

4. Pour the acrylic liquid into the cup and soak the pen. Remove bubbles from the pen.

If there are bubbles, it is hard to stick.

5. Gentle dip the acrylic pen soaked in nail liquid in the acrylic powder, it will immediately melt into a powder ball.

6.  Drop the powder ball on the fingertip and press it into the shape of a nail with the acrylic

7. Apply thicker layer on the middle part with more powder balls. Then extend the spread glue to the proper length of the nail. Spread the third acrylic powder near the bottom of the nail. If the edges are painted smoothly, protruding clots are not likely to be seen. Then extend to the proper length of the nail.

8. When the acrylic powder has begun to dry, gently remove the nail holder.

Note: If you remove it when it is not dry or soft, the shape will be easily damaged.

9. After it is completely solidified, use a nail file to trim the nails to your preferred length, and ensure you file the difference between your nails and the acrylic nail edges. It is okay if you try to cut down the roughness at the beginning.

Then polish the nails into a symmetrical shape from any angle, and a transparent effect will appear.

Apply nourishing oil and massage until it is absorbed into the skin and nails for added protection.

Finally, polish all nails patiently and smoothly with double-sided buffing until the nails are completely transparent and shiny.

10. In order to prevent yellowing, ensure you apply good quality transparent varnish. 

Congratulation as you start your acrylic nail art journey!






How to make Acrylic Nails


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