Dark Shadows

This is a cliché theme, but not a cliché story.

If it wasn't for the adversity of the previous life, she might be like a normal human being, approaching her dreams step by step, full and happy.

But only for an inexplicable reason, the 300-year-old witch chose to face her tit-for-tat, looking for a ballast everywhere, and even her sweetheart was brutally poisoned. In order to defend herself and protect those close to her, she had to accept her superpowers step by step, struggling in the abyss of hope and despair.

She is very beautiful. She won the Miss Laureate at a local festival and entered the New York Playboy Club as a bunny girl.

She is very kind, she inherits all the talents of vampires but refuses to harm.

She is very brave, she is not devoted to love, she is a double-edged knife for friendship.

She is very tenacious, she has the superior ability but believes that her strength can realize her dream.

This faint emotion secretly fits the undercurrent surge of growing up, making people feel that she is not like a vampire, but more like a timid girl. Just wants to give her A hug after listening to her story, and it was a pity and introspection, even was shocked, ah, everyone's story is so similar!

Full of bloody but mysterious colors

This design

Will take you in

A common theme, but not a common story

Are you ready?




Dark Shadows


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