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How to Protect your Nails from Damage?

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<p>How to Protect your Nails from Damage?</p>

Beautiful nails are seen as a significant part of feminine charm nowadays. They are fashion accessory which helps to embellish stylish women same way  rings, necklaces, and earrings do. A good manicure treatment can add interest and highlights to your nails.

However, we are aware that your nails could get damaged or become thinner with too many manicures.

How to reduce nail injuries?

Weatuuy nails bring a new manicure experience for your nails, no excessive waiting time, and chemical damage. With Weatuuy nails, you not only get zero damage on your nails with the perfect combination of fake nails and nail ornaments but you can also change the different styles of your nails whenever you want.

Guideline for Perfect Nails!

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<p>Guideline for Perfect Nails!</p>

Whether you are a housewife, fashion show model, or an working woman, I am sure you are still in the search for the most convenient, easiest, and fastest way to dress in this fast fashion and fast-paced society. You should know that dressing up your nails is now an essential fashion part of every modern woman.

A new change in traditional nail art is brought up by press on nails. Magnetic nail ornaments are designed to bring a major advancement in nail technology.

Simple and Amazing Weatuuy nails adding beauty to your nail style

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<p>Simple and Amazing Weatuuy nails adding beauty to your nail style</p>

Most of the nail technicians think like “there is no need adding much to nail terminology as doing manicure is enough for it”. This is correct to some extent as the popularity of manicure has wide and several influence and people are happy to ask their manicurists to do a simple manicure. But wait! Don’t you want to add diversity to your business? I am sure you want to! Nail ornaments are the new emerging field in nail art one shouldn't miss out on. You can win potential clients and can please them by introducing it to their nail art design.

Here we are going to mention some of the most exciting nail stones/ornaments designs that lend elegance to nails and give them a unique look.

Care Nails and Nail Treatment

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<p>Care Nails and Nail Treatment</p>
It is extremely important that you let your nails breathe. Therefore, you should avoid constant use of nail polish . Otherwise, it can make your nails turn yellow, and this is unattractive and unhealthy. It is always important to always trim your nails. Irregular, ragged and broken nails are not only unpleasant to see, but can also cause painful breaks. Every time you cut your nails, you should also use a nail file to shape them. This ensures that they look well groomed and strong. However, you should never file your nails when they are wet as they are more likely to break.  After eating, wash your hands properly so as to remove any stuck food particles from your nails as they can affect your nail's health. If you have the bad habit of nail biting, you should stop immediately. Doing all these will help maintain the health of your nails. Also, always keep your nails hydrated so as to keep them soft, strong and healthy. 

Advantages of Using Fake Nails

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<p>Advantages of Using Fake Nails</p>
When you look around yourself, you can find a lot of fake acrylic nails that are available on the market. These products are popular among many people because they can make everyone looks beautiful and attractive. They are commonly more resistant than natural nails because they hardly crack or break. These nails are usually made from the acrylic powder which will dry very quickly. In this article, we are going to discuss some benefits that are offered by these artificial fingernails and how you are going to use these fake fingernails now.

How to Customize Nails Online

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<p>How to Customize Nails Online</p>
Wearing acrylic nails can boost your confidence and make you feel confident about your appearance. These nails usually come with beautiful style and design. There are a lot of types of custom acrylic nails that are available on the market today. Therefore, you have to compare all available products before you decide to buy the best one for yourself. You can also customize these artificial nails easily. In this article, we are going to give some useful tips on how you can custom nails online. There are some necessary things that you need to know before deciding to buy any of these artificial nails today.

Best Wishes for You

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<p>Best Wishes for You</p>
Sunset drunk


Because the sun falls in love with the sky


Maple leaf drunk


Because drizzle falls in love


I was drunk in my dream


Because in the drea,  you were my bride


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Wind up, block wind together

Rain falls, shelter from rain together

We got each other

We have each other

Be your swan

 Splendid Reverie

Nail Polish Coloring Tips You All Want to Know!

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<p>Nail Polish Coloring Tips You All Want to Know!</p>

As a manicurist, you must know how to match colors, and also have the expertise to provide different "surprise" to yourself and customers.

Then next, you must understand the basic coloring skills of these nail polishes~

Dark Shadows

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<p>Dark Shadows</p>

Full of bloody but mysterious colors

This design

Will take you in

A common theme, but not a common story

Are you ready?

Fancy Shares of Weatuuy Products 1

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<p>Fancy Shares of Weatuuy Products 1</p>

Today, we have picked up some of our fancy reviews.

Welcome to learn more about them or share yours with us as well ✧(≖ ◡ ≖✿ 

Stars & Dreams

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<p>Stars & Dreams</p>

Moon with stars

I still miss you even in my dream

And you?

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